MIAMI (WSVN) - A Ring camera alerted a couple of business owners of a burglary at their restaurant, leading to a dramatic confrontation and the detainment of the suspect in Miami.

City of Miami Police officers responded to the scene of the incident at El Jardin Latino Restaurant, located at the intersection of Northwest 32nd Street and 17th Avenue in Miami, early Thursday morning. Surveillance video footage captured officers with their guns drawn near the building.

Police said the suspect entered the restaurant by using two screwdrivers to break the door.

Interior surveillance video showed the intruder, later identified as 40-year-old Sergio Morales, rummaging through items and placing them inside his black bag. At one point, he opened up a package that contained a stack of bills.

7News cameras on Thursday captured the restaurant’s door, which was missing a lock. There was also a crack in the window.

“He got in to rob the place around 2:50 a.m., but police officers caught the crook who broke in so everything is fine now,” said the restaurant’s owner, Marvin Garcia, in Spanish.

Investigators said Garcia got into a verbal altercation with Morales and attempted to stop him after he was alerted of the robbery.

Surveillance video from inside the restaurant showed Garcia, seen wearing an orange T-shirt, swinging around a long stick in an attempt to hit the burglar. Garcia continued to approach the suspect while another man in a gray T-shirt, Garcia’s brother-in-law, Robert, was seen helping him take down the robber.

Video shows Robert throwing a chair at Morales while Garcia confronts him with a billiard cue. From another angle, Garcia was seen pushing Morales into another room, while Robert hit him with another billiard cue.

“He hit me on my lip, on my forehead and my arm. He fought with me,” said Garcia.

Garcia’s wife was then seen joining in on the action as she got her turn to hit Morales in the back with a pool cue as he yelled, “please.”

Miami Police arrived shortly after the duo called 911. Officers encountered the suspect exiting the building. Morales appeared under the influence of an unknown substance, officials said. Video footage from the scene showed police surrounding Morales, who was quickly taken down.

“The suspect did appear to be under the influence of an unknown substance so he was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital,” said Miami Police Officer Kiara Delva.

On Thursday, 7News cameras captured the mess left behind by Morales, including merchandise as well as a cash drawer. The owners are now left to pick up the pieces.

Morales is facing two counts of battery, one count of burglary/convenience, and one count of burglary tools and possession.

According to the arrest report, Morales had in his bag $14 that was in the register, an e-cigarette and seven lighters. Those items have since been returned to the owners.

Police said once Morales recovers from the substance he was under, he will be arrested and charged accordingly.

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