MIAMI (WSVN) - The Miami Police Department has begun limiting access to their buildings by screening visitors as well as employees for symptoms of the coronavirus.

Before entering the building, visitors and employees are asked a few questions about whether they have a cough or a fever. Then they’re given a test to see what their temperature is and given a band to signify that they had passed the test.

The rule also applies to all officers who go out on patrol.

Roll calls are now being done in the field, and the fever checks are being conducted at the start of their shift, in the middle of their shift and at the end of their shift.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said they’re doing everything they can to keep their officers and the public safe and healthy.

“Last week, we started screening our employees as they come to work, just like we screened you guys today, and you got your little band, we change the color every day. The idea there is we want our employees to feel like it’s safe to be with other employees,” Colina said. “We want the general public, if they see an officer coming up and they see them with a band, to know they have been cleared just to help ease the anxiety.”

Officers also have gloves, masks and face masks for their use.

If you see an officer in Miami with a band, that means they have been cleared.

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