Miami-Dade Schools approves proposals addressing social media threats, autism sports programs

MIAMI (WSVN) - The Miami-Dade County School Board has approved proposals addressing social media threats and creating extracurricular programs for students with autism.

The two items were proposed by school board member Mari Tere Rojas during the board’s regular November 2019 meeting.

Rojas’s first proposal focuses on monitoring social media threats posted by students within the school district, which has at times prevented tragedies.

It also seeks to determine whether there are any legal issues related to monitoring students’ social media accounts and to assess current local and state initiatives to determine if enhancements in their efforts to deter threats are needed.

“As a district, we continue to review current safety policies and procedures and are constantly researching ways to enhance safe environments for our students and our workforce,” Rojas said. “Monitoring of social media allows us to be proactive instead of reactive.”

Her second proposal focuses on creating sports programs for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

It requests a report detailing sports activities and programs available to students with ASD, who are already facing challenges regarding sports.

“For many of our students, playing a sport is a way to stay healthy, socialize with their peers, or simply just to have fun. However, a parent of a child with ASD may have concerns about how a child’s diagnosis may impact his or her capability to contribute and participate in sports activities,” Rojas said. “I have personally witnessed families yearning for more opportunities, and I hope that this proposal will make them possible.”

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