MIAMI (WSVN) - A Miami-Dade Police officer is set to be sentenced years after a rough arrest was caught on camera. The woman who was thrown to the ground was in court Wednesday.

The arrest led to the conviction of former officer Alejandro Giraldo.

Wednesday, was set to be the officer’s sentencing day, and the woman, who was taken down in the video, appeared in the courtroom.

“There’s not a moment that does go by where I can think of what this man has done to me,” said Dyma Loving. “I just don’t trust police officers at all, I don’t like them, none of them, and it’s weird because I try to differentiate that just because they have on these clothes doesn’t mean they aren’t human beings, but it makes it hard when you are a victim of something and when you call for help and you are treated like an animal.”

Loving told the judge she wants jail time for Giraldo. While his attorney asked for more time to prepare, therefore sentencing was pushed to Thursday.

“I’m overexcited that he was just found guilty,” said Loving. “I would say he should be incarcerated for at least, minimum, a year minimum. That is what anyone without a badge would get sentenced.”

Now she waits to see what happens next in the case, surrounding her arrest on March 5, 2019.

That day Loving and her friend had called police for help, claiming a man had pointed a gun at them. Although, when police arrived, Loving was the one taken to the ground by Giraldo and cuffed.

“What the– why are you doing this?” said the friend in the video recording. “She’s not doing nothing.”

She had documented the takedown and posted the video on social media.

“Thank God for that video,” said Loving, “because if I hadn’t told her, ‘record this’ and if she hadn’t of pulled out her video, what could have happened?”

On April 14 of this year, 7News was there as Giraldo was found guilty of official misconduct and battery.

Loving said she will be in attendance to hear the fate of Giraldo.

“I’m just glad that I’m alive and that he was found guilty, and tomorrow we should be getting a pretty good sentence. Whatever sentence, it’s all in God’s hands, so I’ll leave it up to Him,” said Loving.

Giraldo didn’t speak in court but his wife did. She told the judge he’s a great husband and excellent father and that he has served as a pastor at their church.

Giraldo’s sentencing is set for 11:15 a.m. Thursday, and he faces up to five years in prison.

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