MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A man dropped to the sidewalks of South Beach after a failed attempt to run from officers. Police said it started off as a theft investigation and ended with a Taser take down.

On this night you could call Collins “electric avenue,” as surveillance footage shows the jolting end to a Monday night foot chase, where Miami Beach officers said they gave “a loud and clear verbal command to stop. The defendant responded by taking flight.”

All before he was shocked by a Taser from an officer.

“I was stunned,” said Mitch Novick.

Novick’s Sherbrooke Hotel surveillance cameras caught the footage that has been obtained exclusively by 7News.

He was out for the night and returned home with friends visiting from out of town when they walked into a sea of first responders.

“Embarrassment, a little amusement,” said Novick.

They were then greeted by an officer.

“Sorry to bother you, guys,” said an officer to Novick on bodycam.

“We need to see your surveillance,” said Novick.

What’s not shown on video are officers who said they encountered a man while investigating a nearby theft.

They detained a theft suspect but said the other man ran off too.

During the chase, the arrest form states “the defendant was within close proximity [of the] officer…and feared that a physical attack by the defendant was imminent.”

After he was shocked by a Taser, he told officers he didn’t do anything.

“Then why were you running?” said an officer on bodycam.

“Because I was scared as [expletive],” said the man.

“[He] stated that he fled from police because he was scared and was out on bond,” according to the arrest report.

“Quick take down with a Taser,” said Novick. “A lot of screaming.”

The man was then cuffed and arrested.

Fire Rescue arrived, but the arrestee, Karnel Charenat, refused treatment.

He was booked for resisting arrest without violence.

“There’s always action on my doorstep,” said Novick.

Miami Beach Police said they were justified to deploy their Taser because the man ran and resisted arrest when they approached him.

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