Miami Beach neighborhood pays tribute to 2 beloved trash collectors

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Miami Beach neighborhood gave two beloved garbage collectors a touching tribute to let them know their appreciation for going above and beyond their job description.

Saul Scruggs and Keon Richardson collect the trash from Jennifer Elegant and her neighbors on Tuesdays and Fridays. Because they get to interact with the sanitation workers, those are their favorite days of the week.

“Their truck number is 303004,” said Elegant.

Elegant said the two men stand out because they spread joy during their route.

“Truly, the world needs more of Saul and Keon,” she said. “Their happiness is infectious, and everyone looks forward to seeing them twice a week.”

“They have such positive attitude, work ethic, and every time I go by them, they make my day better,” said area resident Alan Weisberg.

The neighbors got together to ensure this past Friday’s pickup was one Scruggs and Richardson would never forget. Residents attached balloons and signs on their garbage bins.

Elegant said she and her neighbors wanted to show them how important they are to this neighborhood’s quality of life.

7News cameras captured the moment Scruggs and Richardson were greeted with cheers and applause as they pulled into the section where their supervisors and families were on hand to witness this neighborhood recognition.

“It is not in your job description to go out of your way and help people and expect nothing in return,” said Elegant. “It is not in your description to be kind, so thank you for being kind, and we want you to know you boost our moods.”

Scruggs, who has been on this city route for more than two decades, couldn’t hold back his emotions.

“My job is to make sure they’re happy. When I come outside and come to work, I’m happy,” he said. “When I wake up every day to come here, I’m blessed to get out here and take care of the people that are out here and make them happy.”

Richardson said he just wants to follow in his mentor’s footsteps.

“I learned from the best. I appreciate him, everything he taught me, I learned,” he said. “I’m just keeping up with everything he taught me. I just want to be like him: another Saul.”