SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Police executed a warrant at an assisted living facility in Southwest Miami-Dade that is at the center of a possible elderly exploitation investigation.

7News cameras captured Miami-Dade Police Medical Crimes units arriving at the assisted living facility on Southwest 122nd Avenue, Wednesday afternoon.

They claim that the home has been operating as an unlicensed assisted living facility.

“So you’re looking at 30 individuals that are living inside a home, where of course, it’s not certified by the state, it doesn’t have a license to be an adult living facility, it’s not meeting the proper protocols and procedures and guidelines that are brought forth in the State of Florida, and of course, Miami-Dade County ordinances,” said MDPD Detective Alvaro Zabaleta. “It’s something that is unsafe and, of course, can be inhumane.”

The Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Department of Health are also investigating the facility.

Police told 7News that the facility has been in business for quite a long time, adding that the patients inside are living in substandard conditions.

“Multiple rooms subdivided within the home. It’s got bunk beds on there, some locker rooms,” said Zabaleta.

The employees at the home are being accused of taking care of patients without a medical license.

“These individuals that are in here, that are employees, are not medically trained, they don’t ave the proper certifications necessary,” said Zabaleta.

Kimberly Baker lives and volunteers at the home. She said she was shocked when police showed up.

Neighbors told 7News those living inside would go around the neighborhood asking for different things.

But Baker said those claims are not accurate.

“They may beg for cigarettes, they’re always begging for cigarettes, ’cause they smoke them all up,” she said.

When asked whether patients at the facility have asked area residents for food, Baker replied, “No, no, not that I’m aware of.”

Fire rescue crews have responded to the facility many times this year for physical and mental illness.

Cameras showed crews as they placed several patients on stretchers into ambulances on Wednesday afternoon. Other patients were seen standing outside.

Detectives, meanwhile, were seen removing bags of evidence from the home.

Family members of those who live at the facility showed up.

“I hope the families and the police and the FBI can get together and help them, because this is a sad situation.” said a neighbor who asked not to be identified or show her face on camera. “Where are they going to live? They’ve been living in this place for such a long time.”

Police told 7News that they will be speaking to everyone at the assisted living facility and will ask them how they arrived at the home. From there, police will decide what charges the person running the operation will face.

As to what’s next for those who live there, Baker said she hopes she is allowed to stay.

“I’m hoping, I’m hoping I can stay here. I’ve been here so long,” she said.

Police said anyone not determined to be vulnerable is able to stay the facility until they find better living conditions.

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