MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A scuffle that started after a man in a Corvette ran a red light in South Beach led to an occupational nurse attempting to run over another man.

A witness who wished to remain anonymous reported that a fight broke out on the sidewalk between the man in the Corvette and a man who was walking his dogs, who had been agitated by the Corvette driver running the red light.

“These two guys engage in a fight,” said the witness. “The guy gets out of the car, threatening him and the guy with the dog reacts, he punched in a couple of times and gives him a knee. The dogs tried to attack him. He pulled the dogs out.”

The witness stated that after the fight ended and the man with the dogs walked away, the driver, who was wearing hospital scrubs, got back into his Corvette and made a U-turn onto the sidewalk, hitting the man with his car.

“It was over, so that’s when I stopped recording and apparently, the guy went back to his car and that’s when I think the insanity started,” said the witness.

A police report stated an off-duty sergeant observed the defendant, who police later identified as 29-year-old Keanen Roberts, intentionally strike the victim with his vehicle.

“Took his brand new Corvette, like full speed, he wanted to run over the guy,” said the witness. “I’ve never seen something like this. It was a purposely-done action just to hurt him, to kill him. He went out of his mind.”

Fire rescue arrived and transported the man with the dogs to Jackson Ryder Trauma after suffering severe leg injuries; the dogs were unharmed.

Roberts claimed that his Corvette was first kicked by the man walking the dogs. He was arrested and has a court date scheduled for May.

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