MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - One of two men who was shot outside of an Ocean Drive steakhouse, leaving him with a bullet lodged in his leg, shared the terrifying moment he tried to get away from a South Florida rapper’s crew.

Doctors said the bullet in Emerson Delgado’s leg could remain there permanently, but the victim said, Thursday, that he’ll take it, especially when considering what could have happened late Monday night outside of Prime 112.

“I thought I was gonna die,” he said. “Thank God that I made it out of that.”

Another man who was injured remains in the hospital in critical condition and paralyzed, police said.

Delgado, 33, said gunmen unleashed a barrage of bullets.

“Over 20 to 30 shots,” he said.

Cellphone video captured multiple gunshots.

Delgado said he and some family members and friends had just dined at the popular steakhouse.

“My sister was there, my brother-in-law,” he said.

The victim said, as the party prepared to leave in their truck, someone else pulled up close and bumped the family’s vehicle with an open door.

“We have two people opening up car doors that hit each other,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements.

Words were exchanged between Delgado’s party and a group of men before, the victim said, he was attacked.

“He knocked me down, and I heard a gunshot as I’m going down,” he said.

Police said more than one gun was pulled.

As bullets rained outside the restaurant, Delgado’s mind turned to a loved one.

“I was thinking about my daughter the whole time,” he said.

As he ran away, he said, he felt a pain in his leg.

“The bullet ended up traveling and breaking the tibia,” he said.

Delgado said he does not know the people who opened fire.

“Never met these people, anything, didn’t even know who they were,” he said.

Officers arrested rapper Wisdom Awute, who is part of local rapper DaBaby’s record label, for attempted first-degree murder.

Investigators said DaBaby was also there at the time of the incident. He was questioned and released.

Police also apprehended Christopher Urena, who was in Delgado’s group.

“He’s my friend,” said Delgado.

When asked about the attempted murder charges Awute, 21, is facing, Delgado’s lawyer, Josiah Graham, interjected.

“No comment,” said Graham.

“I have a gentleman sitting at [Jackson Memorial Hospital] right now who will never walk again because of this senseless violence,” said Clements.

“Nothing’s off the table at this point,” said Graham.

Not wanting his client to discuss his jailed friend, Delgado’s lawyer said he is examining whether this section of South Beach and its businesses are properly secured.

“We are looking into that possibility, as well as DaBaby’s crew, to see who exactly was responsible,” he said.

“Everybody thinks that this is the Wild, Wild West,” said Delgado. “We can’t play God out here because we’re not God.”

Police identified the second victim as 26-year-old Marcus Williams of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Delgado said the incident was scary enough that he is considering moving his family out of South Florida.

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