MIAMI (WSVN) - La Casa de Los Trucos, a staple that has been open for 50 years, still has Miami-Dade covered for Halloween essentials.

“We got a bunch of costumes, a little doll, some crazy stuff to decorate,” said Christopher Bara, a longtime customer. “I’ve been coming here since I was like a baby, always. I love it here. They have the best of the best.”

The shop, located on Eighth Street, has been helping people party since 1972.

“This year is very, very big because last year and the year before, there was a pandemic and people didn’t want to go out as much, but this year everybody’s partying,” said Jorge Torres, the manager of the establishment. “Some stores have like a list of costumes. They have like 100 costumes on the wall we have over 15,000 styles. It’s a lot more,” said Torres. “We don’t have one Spider-Man, we have 100 spidermen.”

They have classic characters, from Michael Meyers to jumpsuits from newer shows like, “Squid Game.”

7News reporter Dannielle Garcia confessed she had no idea what “Squid Game” was, but after she tried on the ensemble from the show, she did not think it was a bad costume idea.

Garcia even tried on some more costumes that she has some witty commentary for.

“So I never thought that I wanted to be a snail, but this is good. It’s a good look,” she said after trying on a giant snail costume.

“Anybody want a shot?” Garcia asked after she dressed as a giant syringe.

“And this one is for the boys,” she said dressed up as a character from a superhero series. “No, literally it’s from ‘The Boys.’ Homelander from ‘The Boys.’ Never watched it myself, but if you’re into that, hey, it’s a very good costume.”

“OK, this is perfect,” Garcia said as she dressed in probably her favorite costume of the selection. “Loved this movie, by the way. Now, United States military, hit me up. I just need a plane for the costume.”

Garcia suggested you can also dress up as her, “a very tired news reporter.”

Whatever you decide to dress up as, chances are this place has it.

“If you can’t find it here, it’s going to be very hard to find, bottom line,” said Torres.

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