SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - It’s decision day in court for a driver blamed for a tragic crash that took the life of a child.

The driver in a 2021 crash that killed an 11-year-old boy will not be driving for the next eight years.

“There’s something to be said about an individual who continues to behave an exhibit the same behavior,” said Miami-Dade County Judge Kristy Nunez.

On Wednesday, Nunez suspended Samentha Toussaint’s license after revealing to the court her long history of breaking the law behind the wheel.

Toussaint’s history includes:

  • A citation for speeding in a school zone
  • Two at fault accidents
  • Two red light infractions
  • Having a suspended license five times

“I feel like there’s a disregard, a complete disregard for the law and the honor of having that privilege to be able to drive,” said Nunez. “When you speed in a school zone or you speed in general– Miss Toussaint, I am speaking to you– when you speed and continue to speed and continue to get citations, and continue to do so, you run the risk of hurting an individual.”

It was Feb. 10, 2021 when 11-year-old Anthony Reznik and his family were crossing the street along the 300 block of Sunny Isles Boulevard.

Toussaint blew threw through a red light, which led her to hit Anthony, killing him.

“You crashed into 11-year-old Anthony, sending him flying and into a coma for two weeks before his passing,” said Nunez.

The crash was ruled an accident.

Anthony’s family asked the judge to suspend Toussaint’s driving privileges for a decade.

Toussaint’s attorney asked the judge in court for something more lenient.

“Judge, I’m asking for you to impose five years,” he said. “My client is a mother of two children.”

The judge split the difference and decided on eight, plus 128 hours of community service.

It was a relief for a grieving family.

“I am content. The judge made a beautiful speech that made a huge difference in my heart,” said Dr. Inna Trakhtenberg, mother.

“Even though I did hope for more of a sentence for Samentha to really learn her lesson, this ruling that we go today, an eight-year license suspension, is the most we’ve gotten throughout this entire thing,” said Tatiana Reznik, Anthony’s sister.

“Obviously we are grateful for this sentencing, eight years, and she’s off the streets, but we don’t have our brother. There’s a major issue with how reckless driving laws are written,” said Vitaly Reznik, Anthony’s brother. “They don’t create enough accountability for drivers like her to keep people off the streets. They should be in criminal court.”

The Reznik family’s fight for justice and accountability continues to Tallahassee, as they plan to introduce legislation in Anthony’s name to make stricter penalties for drivers in cases like this.

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