MIAMI (WSVN) - It’s obviously important to keep your home and where you work clean, but something else where you probably spend a lot of time in also needs to be free from viruses and germs.

As the coronavirus pandemic is shutting down schools, businesses and major sports leagues, people stuck at home are looking to clean and disinfect everything they come in contact with, including their vehicles.

“When you think about your car, you’re leaving a potentially infected area,” Manny Pozo, owner of Bioresponse Restoration, said, “so if you’re leaving from work, you’re leaving from a gym, if you’re leaving from some sort of government facility where there’s a lot of people, the first place you go to is your car.”

According to the CDC, the coronavirus can live on solid surfaces for up to four days, and with germs picked up in public places and then transferred to your other everyday belongings, many people are concerned.

“Our vehicle is such a breeding ground for so many germs,” Janette Fennell, president of, said. “The one thing that’s the dirtiest in our vehicles is our steering wheel, so a lot of attention should be put towards that.”

In order to protect your family, proper sanitation of your vehicle should be a top priority, and using an anti-bacterial solution is beyond important, as Pozo demonstrated.

“As a reminder, you want to let [the solution] sit. You can clean up anything that’s fallen off, but you want to leave it nice and wet. The last thing you want to do is pick it up before it’s done its job,” he said. “All your switches, steering wheel, radio — constantly touching your radio — air-conditioning, and of course, your door. Don’t forget to do inside the handle.”

It’s important to note that if a surface on your vehicle is not cleaned first, the whole disinfecting process can be compromised.

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