MIAMI (WSVN) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a surprise stop to meet with exiles demonstrating in Miami’s Little Havana, demanding democracy for Cuba.

A group at Tropical Park made their voices loud and clear, calling the Cuban president a murderer.

Pro-democracy demonstrations in South Florida are well into their second week, and Little Havana remains the center of that fight for Cuba’s freedom.

There was a big showing in Little Havana, as a contingent of Republican lawmakers descend at Versailles Restaurant on Wednesday, including DeSantis showing his support as the demand for democracy in Cuba continues.

“The people of Cuba have been protesting and demonstrating against the Communist dictatorship in Havana,” DeSantis said. “It’s not because of vaccines. It’s not because of these side issues. They want a new government. They want a free Cuba.”

Demonstrators outside the iconic restaurant reacted to the unexpected visit.

“He has done an excellent job supporting our people,” said demonstrator Megan Ramon.

Wednesday marked the 11th straight day where South Floridians have hit the streets calling for liberty on the island nation.

“The Cuban people say, ‘Freedom, freedom, freedom,’” said Cuban singer Amaurty Gutierrez.

Early that day, a rally was held at Tropical Park in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Many are desperately concerned with family and friends still living in fear for their lives.

“We are here as a community to maintain our mobilization, our activity, our protest,” said Orlando Gutierrez of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance.

“I’m denouncing the Cuban government,” said Katiuska Mustelier Sosa. “Our country is suffering because of the regime.”

Katiuska​ said her brother was beaten and taken into custody by the oppressive regime.

She says 38-year-old ​Enrique Mustelier Sosa was protesting on July 11 along with thousands of other Cubans on the island when he was taken away.

His family hasn’t heard from him since.

Katiuska is now asking for governments around the world to step in and help free the Cuban people.

“My brother has always raised his voice against violation of human rights in Cuba, especially the freedom of speech,” she said.

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