NORTHEAST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A call for help captured the heart-stopping moments before first responders rushed to the aid of two boaters who found themselves stranded off the Haulover Inlet on board a sinking vessel.

7Skyforce hovered above Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews as they reached boaters in the Atlantic Ocean following a frantic search, Dec. 19.

7News acquired the 911 call that went out that afternoon, at around 5:10 p.m.

“Nine-one-one. What’s the address of your emergency?” asked the dispatcher.

“Yes, I’m in the ocean,” said one of the boaters.

The boater remained on the phone with the dispatcher for 17 minutes. The connection was bad, and there seemed to be confusion about where he was.

The boater said there were two people in the water. He repeatedly said they were somewhere off Haulover Park. The dispatcher appeared to mistake that for “Oliver.”

“I’m in front of the inlet,” said the boater.

“Inlet, like i-n-l-e-t?” asked the dispatcher.

“Inlet at Haulover Park,” said the boater.

“Oliver Park?” asked the dispatcher.

The boater remained mostly calm on the call, but he made it clear that time was critical.

“We go in the water in two minutes,” said the boater.

“What is the vessel description?” said the dispatcher.

“The vessel? We go in the water right now, so we need you right now,” said the boater.

The U.S. Coast Guard joined MDFR in the search for the boaters.

One of the boaters used his cellphone not just to call for help, but to help crews spot them. Crews located the pair about a mile and a half southeast of Haulover Park in Northeast Miami-Dade, just before temperatures would dip with the setting sun.

One crew member snapped a quick selfie on the boat after getting the boaters on board.

Rescue crews brought the boaters back to dry land safely. Both men were deemed to be OK.

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