SURFSIDE, FLA. (WSVN) - Audio recordings captured the heart-stopping efforts made by first responders moments after the partial collapse of a condominium in Surfside.

“We have a 13-story building with most of the building gone. This is going to be high priority. We’re going to need a full assignment on this to everybody,” said a first responder.

Crews from multiple agencies that responded to the scene at the Champlain Towers South Tower raced against the clock on Thursday to retrieve injured residents trapped underneath the rubble.

“Gonna need runners. We have multiple patients we’re bringing off this pile,” said a first responder.

“Was that the child? One green patient we’re bringing down now,” said another first responder.

Firefighters also noted the structure did not appear to be stable, as they continued to pull survivors to safety.

“From the building that’s left, we still have people standing upstairs. We need a full [technical rescue team] assignment,” said a first responder. “I see many people on the balconies. The building is gone. there are no elevators. This is almost like the [World] Trade Center. People evacuating say it sounds like they heard a bomb.”

It was all hands on deck, as crews frantically tried to reach survivors.

“We have people trapped. We’re doing the best we can to evacuate,” said a first responder. “Building is at risk for further collapse.”

“That’s gonna require about 40 rescues. We have gotten as many as we can from the county. We have two coming from Miami Beach. Will use any additional resources,” said a dispatcher.

“We are gonna need manpower. We have three non-ambulatory victims back here, maybe more,” said another rescuer.

“We have active people trapped in the rubble on the northeast side of the building. I’m with 76. I’m gonna need additional units,” said another first responder.

As they began to pull the victims, the recordings captured rescuers’ efforts to coordinate with each other.

“We’re bringing out one more patient, one more red,” said one firefighter.

“Let’s put air rescue on standby,” said another rescuer.

“I’m gonna need some backboards. We have two reds over here we need to extricate,” said another rescuer.

“I need two units with backboards to meet up with 19. We have two victims on this side,” said another firefighter.

“They’re gonna be pulling out most of the victims out of this alpha bravo corner over here by where you had the evacuation,” said another rescuer.

The recordings also capture the moment paramedics began tending to the injured.

“I need a unit to go to 95th and Collins for triage of walking wounded,” said one rescuer.

Rescue crews said they remain hopeful as the search continues.

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