Family of baby, women injured in Miami Beach hit-and-run speaks out

MIAMI (WSVN) - A South Florida father is speaking out, one day after, police said, a 13-year-old boy struck his 3-month-old daughter and two other family members in Miami Beach, sending all three victims to the hospital.

Eight days ago, Anjuli Pinzon posed for a picture with her sister, Carol Gutierrez, and her mother, Yolanda Fajardo, as she held her daughter Silvana.

Monday night, she was at Jackson Memorial Hospital, desperate for their recovery.

“To me, it was a moment of helplessness, of not knowing what was happening at the moment,” said Anjuli’s husband, Jonny Pinzon. “I imagined the worst, knowing that there was an accident where my daughter was run over by a car.”

Jonny was in Orlando when his wife called with the horrible news: his mother-in-law and sister-in-law were out for a walk with the baby when they were struck.

“I waited almost 30 minutes without knowing any information,” he said. “It was very desperate.”

According to officials, Silvana and Gutierrez were banged up and bruised. Fajardo, 51, suffered a fractured hip and cuts to her head.

Silviana has since been released from the hospital. Fajardo and Gutierrez remain hospitalized.

The accused driver, Jamie Pinol, appeared in juvenile court on Monday.

The presiding judge made it clear the teen was already heading down a troubled path. “This young man had 27 absences from school last year, and his grades stink,” he said.

Authorities said the Nautilus Middle School student had taken his stepfather’s black Cadillac sedan without his permission.

The arrest report reveals Pinol was driving west on 77th Street and attempted to make a left turn onto Dickens Avenue when he hit the family in the crosswalk, at around 4:30 p.m., Sunday.

Witnesses said Pinol then reversed the Cadillac and took off.

Police caught up with him several blocks away, on 75th Street and Carlyle Avenue, and placed him under arrest.

Pinol now faces two felony charges for leaving the scene of the crash. The judge ordered him placed on home detention with a GPS ankle monitor.

Speaking in court, Monday, the teen’s stepfather and mother said they are doing what they can. “We haven’t strong-armed him, but we’ve been as strict as possible,” said the stepfather.

Even though his loved ones ended up in the hospital, Pinzon said he doesn’t blame Pinol. “I believe it’s the fault of the parents. Because if the parents aren’t there watching over their kids, these types of tragedies occur,” he said.

Pinol will be back in court in a few weeks for his trial.

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