SURFSIDE, FLA. (WSVN) - Voters in Surfside elected Charles Burkett as their new mayor in Tuesday’s mayoral election, unseating the current incumbent.

Burkett won with 53% of the vote while his opponent, and incument, Shlomo Danzinger, got 47% of the vote.

7News cameras captured a cheering crowd inside town hall as Burkett was named the winner of the race.

“It’s a great pleasure to be able to vote,” said David, a voter.

Residents of Surfside were crammed in the hallways and stairways as they waited in suspense for the mayoral results,

“It’s been a long day but we’re happy that we can win this race,” said Burkett following his win.

Burkett has served three terms as Surfside mayor. This is his fourth win as mayor, beating the incumbent who beat him last time.

“We can get in a position to reverse course and put surfside on a good track,” said Burkett.

“It has been on a really bad track optically and you’ve been a part of that right?” said 7’s Sheldon Fox.

“I haven’t. The track that I’ve been on, I’ve been trying to expose it and enlighten all the voters to exactly what’s been happening,” said Burkett.

7News cameras captured Burkett shaking Danzinger’s hand after the results came in.

In the past, the two have been bitter political enemies as they sparred personally in town hall for many months, contributing to what many would call a chaotic culture.

At one point last year, Danzinger had Burkett booted from a commission meeting and escorted out by the police.

“Captain, please escort Mr. Burkett out of the room,” Danzinger said.

At the election watch party, Danzinger did not want to speak to 7News.

“Would you want to speak to 7News?” Fox asked.

“I’ll speak to anyone but you,” said Danzinger.

Burkett said his win helps Surfside move forward.

“I’m very excited to be moving forward. We’re going to have some dramatic change,” said Burkett.

“OK, and how are you going to work together with those who you may not agree with in a different way than what was done before?” asked 7’s Sheldon Fox.

“We always do that. We will work together, we will welcome them, we will care about what they have to say but we have our agenda and we have things that we need to do,” said Burkett.

Along with the mayor, Vice Mayor Jeff Rose was also voted out Tuesday night following a controversial video showing Rose angrily yelling after he said he was pushed following a debate in early March and who then had an 18-year-old activist arrested for the alleged crime.

Burkett said he will assume his mayoral duties on Wednesday night.

Election night capped a spirited day in the beach town of 5,000 plus people. It is a small piece of South Florida with big personalities in control.

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