MIAMI (WSVN) - Less than two weeks ago, 6-year-old Lyric could have become another statistic. However, her bravery and quick thinking saved her from a potential abduction, and today, she stands tall as her own hero, with a new bicycle gifted to her by the Miami Police Department as a token of honor.

Lyric, whose standout personality matches the vibrant purple of her new bicycle, was playing outside her home when a man attempted to kidnap her. In a terrifying interaction, the accused individual tried to carry her away, but the fearless young girl fought back with all her might.

“He grabbed me and picked me up and started running with me, and I bit him, and then he slapped me and then he threw me on the floor and started running to his car,” Lyric recounted.

The courageous act of biting the perpetrator’s arm proved to be a turning point. The man fled the scene, but not before being caught on surveillance cameras.

Miami PD quickly apprehended the suspect, Leonardo Venegas, with the help of the license plate information.

Lyric’s mother, Teshia McGill, expressed her admiration for her daughter’s bravery.

“I’m proud of her because many kids don’t know what to do when they’re in that predicament,” she said.

Lyric’s parents had previously discussed “stranger danger” with Lyric, and her knowledge paid off tremendously when she found herself in a dangerous situation.

In recognition of her bravery and resilience, the Miami Police Department presented Lyric with a brand-new purple bicycle, a doll and a bike helmet for her safety on future adventures.

Lyric’s father, Mark Fornarias, was emotional about her daughter’s experience and triumphant outcome as he expressed his gratitude.

“I just wanna thank God for everything he has done for my daughter and I want to thank the City of Miami for getting straight to the job — and she’s here!” he said.

At 6 years old, Lyric said she already knows she wants to be a police officer to help her community.

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