MIAMI (WSVN) - After years of searching, a man was able to track his father down in of all places: a Miami-Dade County Circuit courtroom.

It was a routine morning in court where 60-year-old Ronald McCullough faced Judge Mindy Glazer on Tuesday.

“Good morning Mr. McCullough, you are in for some serious charges, going back to 2019,” said Glazer.

McCullough is being charged with molesting his step-granddaughters.

“No contact with the child either directly or indirectly,” said Glazer.

After the judge set no bond for McCullough a surprise call comes into the courtroom.

“Also, there’s somebody on Zoom who says you are his father, they have been looking for you for 17 years, he says he stays in California, and he would like if we could give you his phone number,” said Glazer.

The suspect’s son, Ronald Jr., lives in Orange County, California, and has been trying to find his dad who left him when he was a boy.

“Go ahead Mr. Ron Jr.,” said Glazer.

“Thank you, sorry for under these circumstances, but yeah I’ve been looking for my dad for like 17 years,” said Ronald Jr.

When asked how he was able to locate his father in the courtroom, Ron Jr. said he had help with a bail bond company.

“And what do you do for work,” said Glazer.

“I am a carpet technician,” said Ronald Jr.

Glazer would ask more questions to find out that Ronald Jr. is also a father of two boys.

“I don’t know if McCullough Sr. wants to say anything to his son, you’re welcome to say something to your son if you wish,” said Glazer.

“I miss you man,” said Ronald Sr. “We got a lot to talk about, and I love you man.”

Those were the words Ronald Jr. had been waiting for 17 years to hear.

“I love you too man,” said Ronald Jr.

“I’m glad you looking me up,” said Ronald Sr.

The judge had some final words for the father and son before she concluded the Zoom call.

“You should be proud of your son, sounds like a pretty nice young man, look at all the trouble he went to, to find you as well,” said Glazer.

Ronald Jr. said he is relieved to have connected with his father and is grateful for the judge who had the heart to allow it.

“It meant a lot because when he left, I thought maybe he didn’t love me, and it just eats you up at night,” said Ronald Jr. “The judge let him talk to me, and that’s what he said to me, it’s like thank God, I found him, I found him.”

Ronald Jr. said he understands the severity of the serious charges his father faces but said he is going to support him and wants him to meet his two grandsons one day.

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