MIAMI (WSVN) - It’s the small acts of kindness that make a big difference as a little bird is getting a chance to live.

Miami-Dade Police officers rescued a baby green heron they found in need of help while on patrol.

“Just looking for any ulcers,” said Linda Gregard, a veterinarian at Pelican Harbor Seabird Station.

The department’s Intracoastal Marine squad brought it to Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Miami.

“You’re so little,” said Gregard. “Seems to have some head trauma. It’s showing a little bit of neurologic dysfunction.”

Vets conducted an exam and said the heron may have suffered head trauma.

“He still has a lot of like, downy baby feathers,” said Gregard.

The baby heron was left in their night drop box. 

“So, after hours, we have these drop boxes. If people do find injured wildlife, they can leave them,” said Gregard.

Vets said the little guy is only a few weeks old and fell from a nest.

“A little fish,” said Gregard.

Care at the station includes hand feeding the nestling and guiding the fish down his neck. If he recovers, they will try to re-nest him.

“Our goal, oftentimes, if they are healthy nestling, is to get them placed back into the nest, but in his case, because we think there’s some head trauma, you know, he’s gonna have to be here for some support care and treatment,” said Gregard.

Vets said it’s a bit unusual to see this species compared to other shore birds they see, but he’s in good hands.

“Usually, with nestlings or fledglings, you know, they can be a little bit more delicate, so, but, we take care of a lot of babies here, and we’re hoping for a good response to treatment,” said Gregard.

If they cannot place him back into his nest, the other option is to raise him at Pelican Harbor, then release him.

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