COCONUT GROVE, FLA. (WSVN) - Attorneys spoke out at a news conference alongside their clients, the parents of an ex-OnlyFans model who murdered her boyfriend, to address the allegations against them.

On Wednesday, around 9 a.m., Jude Faccidomo of Ratzan & Faccidomo LLC, an attorney for Kim Dewayne Clenney, 60, and Deborah Lyn Clenney, 57, spoke out to the public against the charges they are facing, saying they are being unfairly treated.

“Their daughter was in a very serious situation and in a fight for her life,” said Faccidomo.

Kim and Deborah were standing next to their attorney as they continued to support their daughter an stand up for themselves.

“They are not going to be bullied,” said Faccidomo.

Their attorneys claimed the police left the laptop behind after the murder because it was a shared device between Clenney and Obumseli.

“The arrest warrant in this case is incredibly troubling and, frankly, never should’ve been issued,” Faccidomo stated. “The access to the computer was part of defense of Courtney Clenney and was an authorized access. It does not fall within the parameters of the statute that they charged.”

Additionally, attorneys claimed the prosecution reviewed texts between the Clenneys and their attorneys, which laid out witnesses and their defense strategies.

“We will be taking all the steps necessary to review to make sure they follow the proper protocol,” said Sabrina Puglisi, Courtney’s attorney. “Otherwise, we are prepared to litigate and seek whatever sanctions are appropriate, including the recusal of the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office in Courtney’s case.”

The Clenneys went before a judge on the felony charges Tuesday before bonding out. The couple was seen holding hands after they were released from Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after posting bond. They now have an open case in Miami-Dade for allegedly hacking into Christian Obumseli’s computer after their daughter, Courtney Clenney, murdered him on April 3, 2022.

Courtney remains in jail as she awaits trail for second degree murder. The Clenney’s were in possession of Obumseli’s laptop some time after Courtney’s arrest and have since been accused of successfully gaining unlawful access to the computer after getting help from their daughter.

All three are facing felony charges of unauthorized access or excessive access to a computer.

Kim and Deborah were interviewed by TMZ in January, having no idea that they would soon be facing charges in Miami.

“The prosecution plays dirty,” said Deborah. “Every word we say to each other is being recorded.

“They will do and say anything to to win this case,” said Kim.

7News captured exclusive video of the pair entering TGK in handcuffs, Tuesday morning. Later in the day, they faced a judge in bond court.

“Sir you were arrested for it says, ‘offenses against computer users,'” said Judge Mindy Glazer. “These are serious charges so it’s important that you stay in touch with our attorney.”

The Clenneys were previously taken into custody in Austin, Texas, last week on an out-of-state warrant issued by a Miami-Dade circuit judge. Following their surrender, the couple’s attorney released this statement:

On January 30th, Kim and Deborah Clenney were surprised in their home in Texas by Florida authorities executing an extradition warrant to place them under arrest and transport them back to Florida. Recognizing the absurdity and excessiveness of this action, a Texas judged ordered them released after two days. Today, Kim and Deborah voluntarily surrendered to the Turner Gilford Knight Correction Center in Miami Dade County, posted bond and are being released. They have both been charged with unlawful access to a computer. The allegations are frivolous and entirely without merit. The charge is such an overreach by law enforcement that it seems clear they are being targeted for being witnesses in their daughter’s case. This misuse of power and show of force is simply an attempt to bully them and scare them off from supporting their daughter, which will never happen.

Ratzan & Faccidomo

According to the corrections department, Kim and Deborah did not have any contact with their daughter while they were held in TGK.

The Clenney’s will be flying back to Texas, while their attorneys continue to fight the charges that they claim are baseless. The next hearing for them will be on Monday, but it is unclear if Kim and Deborah will be in attendance.

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