MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) - An elderly man is speaking out and sharing his story after he was carjacked and beaten at Miami International Airport.

7News cameras on Thursday captured Hergi Hergiando as he stood in the space where his SUV is usually parked.

“Bleeding here, see here, and then punched me here in my nose, punch me, so then I fall down again,” Hergiando said.

He was bloodied, beaten, bruised and had his glasses broken after he was carjacked at Miami, at around 12:25 a.m., Thursday.

“I get hit, but he is younger then me,” he said. “I’m 72 years old.”

Hergiando said he was picking up his best friend and his family who had just flown in from Tokyo, Japan.

He was out of the car and was getting the backseat ready near the Delta departures on Terminal H when he saw a suspicious man.

Moments later, chaos ensued.

“Tried to open my door, I said, ‘No,’ I hold it, and then he opened the door, and then he jumped inside, and then grabbed me and then he put me down,” he said.

His lip busted, Hergiando was left feeling helpless.

“So then he grabbed, then pushed me again, and then I fall down again, and then almost I get hit by the car, and then he left,” he said.

The suspect got away with Hergiando’s SUV, a 2022 silver Lexus with a custom license plate and a sea turtle sticker on the back window.

“Then he left but he didn’t know how to drive,” he said.

Hergiando and his friends were forced to take the train and an Uber to their destination

The victim said he is worried about how he is going to get to work to make a living

“I can’t afford an Uber, it’s expensive,” he said.

Even though Hergiando is hurt, he’s hopeful his car will be found and that whoever did this will be caught.

“I guess it’s just not my day,” he said.

Police told 7News that a suspect has been into custody.

The suspect’s identity and any charges they face have not been disclosed.

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