Miami-Dade Police increase presence during ‘Holiday Crime Initiative’

MIAMI (WSVN) - Miami-Dade Police have begun their annual holiday initiative, which will bring a larger police presence around some of the busiest areas in Miami.

Tuesday marks the beginning of Miami-Dade Police’s annual Holiday Crime Initiative, led by Miami-Dade Police Director Juan J. Perez. “During the holiday season, don’t lose focus on what we’re out here to do,” said Perez to fellow officers.

Officials are expecting an uptick in the amount of residents and visitors in South Florida around high-traffic areas, like major malls and shopping centers. “You’re going to see more police presence at the mall,” said Perez. “You’re gonna see more uniformed cars, you’re gonna see more bicycle patrol, you’re gonna see vehicle patrol.”

During the initiative, police said uniformed and non-uniformed officers will conduct surveillance and high-visibilty patrols throughout Miami-Dade County. The counterterrorism task force will also be present throughout the county.

“Where it’s a terror attack or an active shooter, they have capabilities of mitigating that attack quickly,” said Perez. “They will have specialized units within that initiative that’ll be able to detect explosives and other means to keep our community safe.”

Police also want to remind those going out during the holidays of two things: If you see something, say something and lock it or lose it.

“If they see something suspicious, report it immediately,” said Perez. “We also ask them to be vigilant at all times of their surroundings. Do not park in dark areas. If you buy merchandise, if you buy expensive items, why would you want to leave it in plain view in your vehicle? Put it in the trunk. Secure those items in the trunk or go home and leave them at home before you continue shopping.”

Police urge the community to work together with officials to help keep the holiday season safe for everyone. “We strongly feel that if the community and us come together, we can keep all of us safe,” said Perez.

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