Miami-Dade Police beautify resident’s home

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - Officers are sworn to protect and serve, and on Friday, Miami-Dade Police made sure to continue fulfilling that pledge.

A Northwest Miami-Dade home was painted and cleaned in an effort to fill a homeowner’s heart with cheer this Christmas. “I feel real good that someone is doing something for me,” said homeowner Gloria Martin.

Miami-Dade Police’s Northside District worked all morning to beautify this retiree’s home. “We do something called the Northside District Home Beautification Project,” said Miami-Dade Police Major Ricky Carter. “We identify a homeowner who is in need of services, whether it be beautifying the home or social services we can help with.”

Not only were there police at Martin’s home, but there were volunteers and local business owners that spent their morning making sure the home was in tip-top condition. Adding shutters, fixing light fixtures, laying mulch and planting were some of the jobs completed.

“It’s Christmas,” said neighbor Perline Smith. “It’s like a Christmas miracle! The house looks beautiful.”

Smith was the neighbor who nominated Martin’s home for the beautification project, knowing her neighbor cannot work on the home herself due to health issues.

“For the past couple of years, she had numerous strokes,” said Miami-Dade Police officer Keenan Johnson. “She just lost her husband in February. She can’t do work on the house because she can barely walk and move.”

Tears flowed from Martin’s eyes as she witnessed the home she loves become beautiful once more. “I cry very easy,” said Martin.

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