Miami-Dade officer surprises homeless man with lunch

MIAMI (WSVN) - A Miami-Dade police officer was caught on camera performing a random act of kindness.

A 7News viewer snapped two photos of officer Alberto Acosta feeding a homeless man on Thursday.

According to Miami-Dade Police, Officer Acosta was working an event in the area when he met the man in Bayfront Park. The officer had to ask several other homeless men to leave the restroom because they were sleeping inside it.

Acosta said the homeless man named Robert, had moved from the restroom right away and was the “nicest man.”

officer lunch

Officer Acosta tells 7News that he went to grab lunch for two people and then came back to eat hot dogs with Robert. The officer sat down and had a 20 minute conversation with the man and spoke about each other’s life and how he became homeless.

Robert told the officer that he was battling cancer and has had several surgeries on his leg. After that, Robert lost his home and has not been successful in finding another job and getting back into society.

Officer Acosta said he enjoys helping others and likes to chat with others about issues as it helps bridge the gap between the police and homeless community.

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