Miami Beach to periodically close parts of Ocean Drive during spring break

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Miami Beach officials said they will temporarily close parts of Ocean Drive during busy spring periods, as they see fit, in order to clear the area so crews can clean up the beach.

Officials said, when the need arises, parts or all of Ocean Drive will close so beach goers can make their way off the beach and into the streets and crews can begin cleaning the shore.

One such instance was seen Friday.

Additional rules have also been implemented during “high impact periods.” These are periods when “large crowds and activities, by permitted or unpermitted use, may pose a threat of damage or destruction to city property.”

Among these rules are:

  • The prohibition of coolers
  • The prohibition of any inflatable devices
  • The prohibition of tents, tables, and similar structures
  • The limitation of live or amplified music
  • The prohibition of any direct or indirect consumption of alcohol on the beach

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