Miami Beach resident watches on camera as robbers break into apartment building

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Miami Beach resident away on business watched on his phone as two men broke into his apartment building after midnight, Tuesday.

Surveillance cameras rolled as two men, with their faces covered, broke into an apartment building on Pinetree Drive.

Video shows the duo as they attempt to climb onto a unit’s balcony, from a window. The two were unaware they were being filmed by one resident who outfitted his apartment door with a camera.

The resident’s phone alerted him to the motion outside of his apartment. “He says there’s two guys with masks in the hallway, and they’re going through the window,” said a neighbor who didn’t want to show her face. “Immediately, we called the police.”

The neighbor who got the alert informed the woman to the activity going on outside of their apartments. “We’ve never had any situations in this area at all, so it was surprising,” she said.

Her surprise did not prevent her from calling the police. “I said there’s two guys with masks on in the hallway looking to break through the window,” she said.

The suspects did succeed in making it onto the balcony. “They walked out the window, climbed the side of the building and were sitting on the balcony,” the woman said.

However, police responded and arrested the two men, who police later identified as Damian Delatore and Christopher Gonzalez.

The woman said she has lived in the apartment for the past 14 years. She says Pinetree Drive is normally very quiet. “You never know what’s gonna happen to you,” the woman said.

The two men now face burglary charges.

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