MIA travelers arriving from Barcelona express concern

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) - Some tourists who were just in the area of the attack in Barcelona have returned to South Florida and said hearing about the incident is shocking.

Travelers arriving at Miami International Airport Thursday afternoon received the heartbreaking news after their flight landed that several people were killed and dozens injured in the Barcelona terror attack.

“It’s horrible,” said Bruce Lieb. “We were just in all those areas, so we just missed it by the skin of our teeth.”

Gloria, a traveler who did not want to give her last name said she visited Las Ramblas a couple of weeks ago with her family.

“We heard right now on the plane,” she said. “It’s full of people. It’s a beautiful city. It’s very unfortunate.”

Jessica Perdo said that her relative is still in Barcelona. “He said everything is all awful, the people are scared,” she said.

Those who arrived at MIA said they are thankful that their families are safe after another terrifying attack where a vehicle was used to take innocent lives.

“It’s very, very crazy. I don’t know what’s happening in the world,” Perdo said. “It’s so sad.”

Lieb said he also has friends who are still in the city. “It’s scary. We have friends who are still there, and they’re locked in their hotel rooms and scared,” he said.

“It can happen at any time,” said Barcelona tourist Diosdado Gutierrez. “We’re blessed, we’re blessed to be back home. That’s why God bless America.”

Several others are also counting their blessings, knowing that an attack like this could have easily happened days prior, when they were there.

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