Several children hospitalized for taking classmate’s ADHD medication

MIAMI (WSVN) - Six children at Liberty City Elementary School have been transported to the hospital after ingesting a fellow student’s prescription pills.

According to the Miami-Dade County School Board, a fifth-grade student shared Clonidine, Friday morning, with several of his peers.

This medication is used to treat ADHD. It lowers blood pressure and decreases the level of certain chemicals in the blood.

Officials confirmed the medicine was prescribed by a doctor.

One concerned parent went directly to the school upon hearing the news. “My heart just like, oh, no. Hell, no. I need to go get to my child right now, so I’m here,” Laqesha Fulwood said. “Even if I had to walk here, run here, skip here, I’m here.”

“It’s real scary,” said parent Patrice Moore. “It starts from home first. That parent was aware that that child had it before they came to the school, and it’s not the school’s responsibility to keep up with a child with medication just because it’s prescribed through the parent to the child.”

The student, according to school officials, gave the medication to five other students.

“I got to get to the school,” said parent Kenya Brockington. “Like any parent, you’re going to be concerned about what’s going on, even if you don’t got all the details and the facts.”

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue transported the six students as a precaution to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Parent Jenay Brown said a situation like this should be upsetting to all parents who send their kids to school. “It’s a concern. It should be a concern for all parents because you bring your children to school for education. You’re not expecting to get a call or anything about, ‘OK, get to the school because your child is sick.'”

Fulwood believes that these situations should be addressed at home. “People need to control their children at home and watch what their kids are doing,” she said. “Nowadays, people don’t have control, especially young parents. They don’t have control over their children.”

The condition of the affected children remains unknown.

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