Massive great white shark pings off Florida coast

MELBOURNE, Fla. (WSVN) — She’s baaaaaaack.

Katharine, the massive great white shark with a large social media following, has returned to the waters off central Florida’s east coast.

According to OCEARCH, the 14-foot, 2,300-pound shark most recently pinged just off the coast of Melbourne on Friday. Katharine’s track appears to show her heading south over the past two months.

Katharine was first tagged by OCEARCH’s research team back in 2013 off the coast of Cape Cod.

Since then, the shark has gained a fanbase on social media, with followers that like to keep up-to-date on her whereabouts. She’s been tracked from the southern tip of Florida all the way up near Nova Scotia in Canada.

However, OCEARCH says her tracker’s battery, which has been running for five years, is close to running out.

The great white is one of dozens of sharks tracked by OCEARCH, a non-profit that focuses on tracking and researching marine species. The tags used to track their movements send a signal when their dorsal fins break the surface of the ocean’s waters.

To track all the movements of Katharine and other sharks, visit OCEARCH’s website.

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