Marijuana business seminar held in Miami Springs amid legalization

MIAMI SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) - Aspiring entrepreneurs were ready to learn about the budding business of medical marijuana at a seminar held in Miami Springs, Sunday.

The focus of the event, organized by the Cannabis Career Institute, took place near Miami International Airport and explores the idea of turning pot into a profit.

That would be a legal profit. Florida voters approved Amendment 2, which legalizes the drug for medical use, with 70 percent of the vote, more than enough to surpass the required 60 percent threshold.

Any talk of “growth” at the seminar didn’t just refer to pot itself, but the business possibilities it could create. “This is gonna create a ripple effect throughout all the other industries in Florida,” said Robert Calkin of the Cannabis Career Institute.

Calkin discussed how he thinks the marijuana business in the Sunshine State will eventually take off and how entrepreneurs and others can get started. “How to create a business plan for you that would either get you the business plan you wanted or the money you needed from an investor to create this business,” he said.

Calkin’s company offers state-specific training on everything from requirements to regulations to basic grow techniques. “Because of your vote, we passed by 70 percent,” he said, eliciting cheers from attendees.

By voting on Amendment 2, Florida became the 26th state to legalize marijuana for either medical or recreational use. In Florida’s case, it’s only medical, and that means patients suffering from debilitating illnesses will soon have access to medical marijuana.

The amendment inserts language into the state constitution allowing those with cancer, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy or other conditions to use the drug if recommended by their doctor.

Dr. Nancy Powers told 7News she counts herself among those whose health benefited because of medical marijuana. “It’s a natural alternative to medicine,” she said.

Powers said she beat skin cancer with the help of medical marijuana products, but it was a treatment she had to get out of state.

Now that it’s legal, however, Powers said it’s time to teach people about what good cannabis can do medicinally and economically. “Education is number one,” she said. “We passed it. Now we need to educate Floridians so they can make better decisions and feel better naturally.”

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