Comedian’s rant about Florida heat is 100 percent relatable

NAPLES, Fla. (WSVN) — A Florida comedian has gone viral for his relatable video about the heat in the Sunshine State.

It’s no secret that it’s hot outside. But Naples resident Josh Pray captured the honest feelings of a lot of residents with a hilarious rant he posted to social media.

“It’s Easy Baker oven-hot outside,” he described. “You know how you put a Jamaican patty in the microwave and it gets too hot? Every time I walk outside, I get crispier.”

“This heat is unfair,” Pray said. “This heat is poetic.”

Pray also voiced his frustration with his increased electric bill.

“My A.C. bill, my light bill is gonna be so high, because I got it on 63,” he said. It’s so hot outside.

Temperatures have reached the mid to upper 90s with feels-like temperatures in the 100s. A heat advisory was also issued for several parts of Florida, Wednesday.


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