Man tries parking car, ends up in Davie canal

DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - A man climbed out of his car after it wound up in a Davie canal.

Davie Police and Fire Rescue responded to the scene just before 11 a.m. Tuesday at an apartment complex located at 9495 Evergreen Place.

The driver of the car, Steve Rosebaum, said he and his son were driving home.

Rosebaum said they had just finished grocery shopping.

When they got to the parking lot, he dropped his son off with the groceries.

Rosebaum then went to park the car, but he said the car’s accelerator got stuck.

Mud tracks were visible along the path the car traveled downhill and into the canal.

“I tried to turn the car off. I tried to change gears,” said Rosebaum. “In a situation like that, nothing works and the next thing I know, I was without a beach at the ocean, you know, water all around me.”

Rosebaum said he climbed out of the passenger’s side window to escape the car, which was halfway submerged in the canal.

A nearby parked car was also damaged as a result.

Davie Police said no injuries were sustained.

After the car was pulled from the canal, Rosenbaum was surprised to find he was still able to turn it on.

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