DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - A tense hourslong standoff between SWAT and a man who, police said, took his live-in girlfriend hostage in a mobile home in Davie played out on social media until it came to a deadly end.

7Skyforce HD hovered above the scene where multiple Davie Police cruisers and a SWAT truck could be seen outside of a trailer with a heart drawn on the roof in the area of Griffin Road and Southwest 73rd Avenue, just after 7 a.m., Friday.

Police also set up a mobile command unit outside of the home.

Meanwhile, both the subject and the woman took to social media to livestream the ordeal.

“I’m a good guy, so I stay here. I don’t need to go outside for nothing. I don’t need to talk with nobody,” the man, later identified as Luis Lomonte, said in a video streamed on YouTube, as he sat in front of a monitor showing what appeared to be surveillance camera feeds.

“I’m securing my house. They want to break the door and go inside,” he said as police surrounded the mobile home.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend livestreamed on Facebook as he chaos unfolded.

“I don’t feel good. You know, I need help, and so does my boyfriend,” she said.

“I’m in a difficult situation now,” Lomonte said in his YouTube video.

“We paid the rent and everything, and they keep on bothering us,” the woman added before what appears to be a gunshot is heard and she screams.

Investigators said they received a call about a disturbance and because a man kept threatening his neighbors using loudspeakers, just before 2:30 a.m.

“Look at the police outside, because neighbors called the police because of a noise,” said Lomonte as he pointed at the security footage.

Police later determined the woman was being held against her will inside the home.

“You see, that’s a shooting right there,” the woman is heard saying during her livestream. “They’re trying to shoot at us. They’re shooting at us.”

A man could be heard yelling in the background.

“They can’t do nothing, but if they do something, and I stay alive, something bad’s gonna happen to them,” Lomonte said in the YouTube video.

“I don’t want to die. I didn’t do anything wrong,” said the woman.

“My daughter cry,” said Moises Mena, the woman’s father. “My daughter say that somebody tried to kill him, kill the boyfriend. ‘Please, help me. Papi, come here. Mami.’ Very crazy.”

Mena said the video left him terrified for his daughter.

According to investigators, a special response team entered the home Friday afternoon after negotiations failed to get Lomonte to surrender and after hearing a woman’s screams.

Police said officers were confronted by Lomonte, who was armed with a large knife, and one of them used deadly force to stop the threat.

“As officers made contact with the individual, one of our officers discharged his weapon,” said Davie Police Chief Dale Engle.

During the whole ordeal, neighbors in the area wondered what was going on and why the streets were swarming with police.

“They said that there’s a guy down there. He’s really crazy, and they don’t know what happened,” said Brenda Wilmot. “They heard gunshots. Really that’s about it. That’s all I know.”

Officials said the officer involved in the shooting was not injured.

Lomonte’s girlfriend was taken into custody for questioning.

Friday night, when asked to confirm whether the woman was being held against her will, Davie Police Detective Vivian Gallinal replied, “At this moment, again, this is still under investigation, and I’m not at liberty to speak about all the details.”

Officials said they’re aware the videos were posted on social media.

“We are aware that those videos exist, and we are looking into them,” said Gallinal.

Detectives said they have responded to this home, dating back to at least a year, because of similar calls of threats and disturbances.

“Anytime that somebody’s being held against their will and there’s some imminent threat of danger to that person, we’re gonna respond in force to ensure the safety of not only our officers and the people inside that residence but also to the surrounding neighbors and residents that live here,” said Engle.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has since taken over the investigation.

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