Man claiming to know ‘dine-and-dash’ diners pays bill

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A man claiming to know the couple who ditched a North Miami Beach steakhouse without paying an $89 dinner bill has decided to do the right thing by his acquaintances.

Cecelia Texiera, the owner of Bovinos Steakhouse, said a man who said he knew the “dine-and-dash” diners called her. “Somebody that was watching the news knew the couple and gave me a call telling me that they’re going to pass by to pay the bill, and they did that [Thursday] night,” she said.

Texiera said a group of people came by the restaurant, located off Northeast 163rd Street, to settle the bill. The couple was not present.

Surveillance video shows one of the good Samaritans paying the cashier in cash. “They came here, they paid the whole bill, and they left a $10 bill to the waitress, so it was amazing,” said Texiera.

Crisp surveillance video from Monday evening captured the hearty diners sitting outside the steakhouse as they ordered drinks, entrees and dessert.

Texiera said the customers ordered Caesar salads, fish, steak and piña coladas. “They each had a lot,” she said.

The restaurant owner said the diners fled after ordering coffee. “When the waitress came inside, he told her that he was going to his car to pick up his cigar, OK? And they left,” said Texiera.

The footage shows the couple was seen walking away in different directions. Moments later, several servers were seen running outside, but the customers had already left.

Because their bill was taken care of, albeit days later and after a 7News segment on their dining etiquette, Texiera said she is not pressing charges, but she did have a message to any potential “dine-and-dashers.” “Everybody should pay what they eat,” she said.

The group who came by Bovinos to pay the $89.40 check asked not to be identified.

Bovinos Steakhouse specializes in Brazilian barbecue.

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