Man caught on camera taking missing Yorkie outside NW Miami-Dade home

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida family is desperate to get their precious Yorkie back, hours after a surveillance camera captured a man taking the pet from in front of their home.

Now, Northwest Miami-Dade resident Maria Moreno is seeking the safe return of her dog Rarity. “[I want] this to not happen again. That’s intruding on someone’s property and on a child’s dog,” she said.

Moreno said she wants justice after, she said, someone took advantage of a defenseless animal, Sunday morning. “I let my little Yorkie out to go to the restroom in the backyard, but she dug a hole, and she went outside for a couple of minutes,” she said. “When I went to call her to come back in, because I realized that she went out, she wasn’t there.”

Rarity had escaped into the front yard through a hole under the fence.

When Moreno couldn’t find the 3-year-old dog, she began looking around the neighborhood. “I spoke to an elderly couple in front of the park, where they told me a gray SUV took her,” she said. “They said he got out of his car and took her.”

The homeowner then looked at surveillance video from a camera outside her home. “So we started with my neighbor looking at the cameras,” said Moreno. “We found that he drove past and came back and just acted natural and just stepped into our yard and took her.”

The footage clearly captured a man picking up the small dog, just after 9:30 a.m. Moreno has since posted the video on Facebook in hopes of tracking that man down and finding her dog.

“He just went in with the purpose of stealing my dog,” she said, “because it’s a Yorkie, and it’s a valuable dog. They’re not even going to bother even paying attention to my fliers, which I’ve been putting out this whole day.”

Rarity is an expensive breed but is also a priceless member of Moreno’s family. “If anybody knows this person, recognizes him, please call me,” she said. “Me and my daughter, we miss our dog, and we just really want her back. That’s all we want. We just want her back.”

Moreno said the man in the video was bald and sported a black beard. According to what she saw in the video, he was driving a gray Nissan Rogue. If you recognize him, please call police.

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