Man arrested in violent case of animal abuse in Pembroke Pines

PEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) - A man was arrested in Pembroke Pines after, police said, he violently attacked a 3-month-old puppy.

According to police, 21-year-old Daniel Smith repeatedly hit the male, white and gray pit bull named Dexter. He then brought the puppy in to the LeadER Animal Hospital.

“Probably he realized that was the right thing to do,” said Renee Lewis.

Police said Smith initially told vets that Dexter fell in the shower, but they didn’t believe him and called police.

“You have an injury on two sides and on top of the head and an injury to his back leg and such significant swelling and everything. That can’t be a fall,” said veterinarian Raz Peress. “Mentally, basically he was just completely not there.”

Veterinarians treating the dog said he suffered multiple facial fractures, broken eye sockets, back injuries and bruising to his jaw.

“Fractures on this side of the head, on this side of the head, on top. An injury here,” said Peress while pointing out Dexter’s injuries.

Dexter remains at an animal hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.

“Why and how could you do that? Because he just doesn’t deserve it,” said Lewis. “Nobody deserves, for whatever he did — if it was urinating on the floor, if it was scratching him with his nails, nobody deserves that.”

Smith was released from jail on a bond of $25,000, Thursday night, and has been ordered to stay away from all animals.

“We all just hope he gets whatever help he needs, because it’s not normal that that is done to something so young and so fragile,” Lewis said.

Veterinarians also hope to find Dexter a new home.

“This is the best part of our job, when we’re able to do this because there are a lot of cases that I’ve seen like this that are not so successful, and not so lucky,” Peress said.

If you would like to donate to help cover the costs of Dexter’s recovery, click here for more information. You can also text (954) 348-7849 for more information.

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