Man arrested for punching elderly man at Miami Beach Dunkin’ Donuts

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have arrested a man who, they said, punched an elderly man in the middle of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Miami Beach.

According to Miami Beach Police, 65-year-old Michael Lefkowitz was sitting in the restaurant with two friends for Bible study like he does every morning when 32-year-old Leroy Jennings came inside and hit him. Jennings then got into a fight with the two friends before he took off.

“Little minor scratch on my cornea, some bruising within the eye,” said Lefkowitz. I’ll have some black and blue marks and so forth.”

Lefkowitz described his injuries hours after, police said, he was attacked at the Dunkin’ Donuts located along the 400 block of 41st Street, Thursday.

“I saw him take his arm out of his pocket and raise it up in an arc, and then the next thing I knew, I was hit a little bit off the chair,” he said.

The victim was with two friends enjoying coffee when Jennings walked into the shop and confronted the group. According to the police report, Jennings asked the victim if they were discussing a rape case, and when they replied, “No,” the suspect attacked.

“My friend, Paul, was laying on the floor. He was immobile, and I thought he was very, seriously hurt,” Lefkowitz said. “I saw my other friend, Jack, trying to tackle the man, fighting with him, grabbing onto him. He broke away and he fled.”

Police later found Jennings on the roof of a nearby CVS Pharmacy on the 500 block of 41st Street in Miami Beach.

Lefkowitz and his friends managed to rip off his hoodie during the struggle, helping K-9 units track Jennings down.

He was quickly taken into custody.

Officers said Jennings is a sex offender from New York and faces additional charges for not registering in Florida.

The victim and a friend were taken to the hospital to be evaluated, but they have since returned home in good condition.

All three victims want the suspect to stay behind bars. “I intend to press charges, and I hope he gets punished to the fullest extent of the law,” Lefkowitz.

Jennings has been arrested and is expected to face a judge on Friday.

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