Man arrested for glue vandalism in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A man has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing a Miami Beach store with glue, Tuesday morning.

Rahahn Cetewayo first struck the Fritz’s Skate Bike and Surf Shop on Washington Avenue after midnight on April 27.

There was no robbery attempt — just vandalism.

One of the store’s owners gave 7News an exclusive look at the sticky scene on a few of his 30 security cameras.

The surveillance footage caught Cetewayo pouring glue into the front door lock of the store, destroying it in the process.

“Those locks are pretty expensive to fix,” said Kevin Lantigua from the Miami Beach Police Department’s Homeless Resource Unit.

Lantigua was contacted by the business to see if he could help.

The arresting officer eventually did, busting Cetewayo on Tuesday morning after he made another appearance at the store.

“There he was, right in front of the store,” said Lantigua.

Before the bust, Lantigua watched the surveillance video on the Miami Beach Crime Prevention and Awareness Facebook page and said he recognized the suspect.

The crime prevention page, with it’s nearly 2,000 members, blows the whistle on crimes big and small all across the beach.

“Those are extra eyes and ears on the streets, so they report a lot of things to us,” said Lantigua.

Even though Cetewayo’s alleged crime looks small, Miami Beach Police said he has an out-of-state rap sheet dating back to the ’70s.

“In reality, these guys are bad dudes that have done prison time for violent crimes. Now they’re here, hiding out amongst our homeless and our locals,” said Lantigua.

Police said they found glue in Cetewayo’s pocket when he was arrested.

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