Man arrested after burglary of Caja Caliente food truck in Wynwood

MIAMI (WSVN) - Police have arrested a man in connection to the burglary of a popular food truck in Wynwood.

City of Miami Police took Jemall Gordon into custody, at around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Gordon is accused of breaking into Caja Caliente, a hot spot for Mexican food in the area of Northeast Second Avenue and 27th Street, about 12 hours prior to his arrest, just before 4:30 a.m.

Surveillance cameras captured the suspect wearing a floppy hat as he made his way around the food truck.

“He was wearing a hat that we had outside. He stole all our tablets and iPads and both the cash boxes,” said Monica Leon, the owner of the family-owned business.

At one point, the burglar sees the camera and reaches out to it before knocking it down. Before he does, however, the footage shows a crisp image of his face as he looked directly into the lens.

“He saw the camera, took down the camera, then went straight for the cash box,” said Leon.

In total, Leon said, the thief stole $1,500 in cash and valuables.

Leon said the perpetrator had planned and mapped out the break-in beforehand. She said the man broke in through the back of the shop, hit the freezer in the patio area behind the shop before making his way into the parked truck.

The owner said the freezer was stocked with high-priced inventory, and when he couldn’t get access to it, he made his way toward the truck.

“He knew exactly what he was going for,” said Leon.

Miami Police Cmdr. Freddie Cruz agreed with the owner’s assessment.

“This is not his first time at the rodeo. He knew what he was doing,” he said.

Leon said the burglar took off with three iPads, two cash boxes and a spare key to the victim’s house.

“It feels like an invasion of privacy. It feels terrible. What hurts the most, I think, it’s someone that knew what we had inside and knew the business. He knew exactly what he was going for, and I think that’s what bothers us the most.”

Police credited the surveillance video and help from the community for Gordon’s arrest.

“Criminals like these have no business in our city, and we’ve got to put guys like these behind bars when they commit crimes,” said Cruz.

“For us, it’s not about the money. It’s more about not being able to open on time,” said Leon. “It’s about the community and the fact that we’ve been here for four years, and I think it’s more about an invasion of privacy.”

Officials said Caja Caliente remained closed during its usual lunch rush but has since reopened for business.

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