Man accused of throwing debris from crane faces judge

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A man accused of climbing to the top of a Hollywood crane and throwing debris from the top faced a judge, Monday.

Travis Bernard Bray, 27, was in court Monday where a judge ordered him to stay away from the building he is accused of throwing debris from the day before.

Police said Bray climbed a 300 foot crane and began throwing objects to the ground for about 10 hours.

“I saw several of them he threw down. They were like heavy, heavy metal things,” said business owner Jerry Muller.

“The sun’s beating up there. He was on top of the thing, so the sun is shining, you know, so he’s tired,” said a witness only identified as “Nicole.”

Bray’s mother could be heard talking to her son through a megaphone in an attempt to quell her son. “We will get through this together, Travis,” she said. “You are not alone. Come down, baby.”

Video from the Sun Sentinel shows Bray eventually coming down to the second floor of the building. However, police said they had to use a Taser on him in order to bring him down to the ground and take him into custody.

Bray was transported to the hospital before he was taken in custody.

Bray now remains behind bars on $75,000 bond.

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