Maltese, nanny suffer injuries during dog attack in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Maltese is suffering physical and emotional injuries after it was attacked by other dogs during a walk in Miami Beach.

Yana, who did not show her face on camera, said her dog, Gigi, was attacked while on a walk with her 4-year-old son and his nanny and near 51st Street and Bay Drive, last Wednesday.

During their walk, Yana said, two dogs without leashes came through an open gate. One of the dogs attacked Gigi and the nanny, and they suffered some scars as proof of the attack.

Yana said the dogs’ owner watched the attack and did nothing to help.

The Maltese had emergency surgery performed on it Thursday morning.

“She’s in the bathroom right now in the corner next to the toilet,” Yana said. “She doesn’t want to come out, and she cannot, obviously, walk. She had a few stitches. It went through the muscle, too, so it was pretty deep lacerations. I have to go for the follow-up appointment with her doctor.”

Yana’s son watched the attack but was physically uninjured.

The nanny, who has been with the family for three and a half years, put the 4-year-old’s safety before her own.

“I was actually amazed how she was able — how brave she was,” Yana said. “I don’t know what I would do if I saw a pit bull.”

Yana said Gigi was rescued around a year ago in traffic on the on-ramp from Miami Beach to Interstate 195.

“Several people stopped. They tried to catch her, and finally, I stopped and tried to rescue her,” she said. “She didn’t have any chips.”

After the attack, Yana called Miami Beach Police, but no one answered the door at the home where the dogs came from.

She then put out a warning on her neighborhood app, and at that point, she said, the owner reached out.

“The owner contacted us,” Yana said. “He wanted to discuss some options. He said he was afraid that they’re going to take their dogs away, and he apologized.”

Miami-Dade Animal Services has opened a dangerous dog investigation and have ordered the dog who attacked to be quarantined for 10 days.

During the quarantine period, the canine will remain away from other animals and people as much as possible.

While the investigation continues, investigators will decide whether or not the dog is dangerous.

If they do conclude that the animal is a threat, the owner will have to sterilize, vaccinate and microchip the animal no later than 14 days after the determination is made.

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