Make-A-Wish Foundation sends young cancer patient to Disney

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) - A young girl was granted a wish to help her forget about her daily struggles and be a carefree kid for a day.

Four-year-old Aaliyah, from South Florida, went on vacation in style for a week-long trip to Orlando with a little help from her Disney friends.

Gate D-30 at Miami International Airport was transformed into a Disney wonderland, decked out with characters from “Frozen” to send her off.

“This is an amazing day. We’ve been through so much,” said mother Georgina Emmanuel. “She’s been in the hospital for weeks at a time, and to have her dream actually come true is simply amazing.”

Aaliyah is battling an aggressive form of cancer and hoped to meet the characters from her favorite movie. The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted her dream with some assistance from local students who were willing to bring the cartoon movie characters to life.

Not too many air travelers get treated to a musical show before boarding. With cotton candy in hand, Aaliyah sat back and enjoyed being entertained. “To have Elsa and Anna sing to her … she’s never had that,” Emmanuel said. “She’s always wanted that. We’ve watched ‘Frozen’ at least a thousand times during the week, so know she’s excited about them singing to her and having Olaf there, it’s amazing.”

If she’s amazed now, wait until she sees what awaits in Orlando during the next seven days.

“We have passes to every park, so I’m going to try to bring her everywhere,” Emmanuel said, “at least two parks throughout the day. It’s going to be amazing.”

The family will be staying at a resort that caters to kids with health issues and their families. They fly back to South Florida next Thursday.

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