Local farmers breathe sigh of relief after crops make it through chilly night

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) - With a chilly night in the books, farmers in Southwest Miami-Dade are breathing a sigh of relief after their crops made it through another night unscathed.

With a frost advisory having been issued for early Friday morning, farmers were fearful of potentially losing some of their crops. Overnight, they worked around the clock to protect them.

“This time of year, South Florida becomes the bread basket for the United States. A majority of the beans in the United States are grown here, squash is grown here,” said Phil Marraccini of the Dade County Farm Bureau.

However, it appears that nature was on their side, as they managed to avoid any damage.

“Last night wasn’t anywhere near what they had predicted,” said John Alger of Alger Farms. “We were expecting to get down to almost freezing temperatures, and we did all our preparations, which you have to do; you just never know. It’s an inexact science, but I don’t think it ever cracked below 40 degrees, so I think we’re good.”

Now, the farmers said they will continue doing what they do best: farming.

“We’ll go back to trying to catch up with all the things we’ve delayed until this event got over with,” Alger said.

Although farmers made it through Friday’s frost advisory, they said they will remain vigilant through the winter.

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