Local Cuban shop offers celebratory merchandise in wake of Fidel’s death

MIAMI (WSVN) - One local shop in South Florida has made sure to stock up on Cuban merchandise in the wake of Fidel Castro’s death.

Welcome to Sentir Cubano, located on Eighth Street in Miami. Owner Maria Vazquez has products ranging from Cuban flags to bottles of rum and more. “People wear them and put them on their car,” said Vazquez as she showed off one of the many Cuban flags in her store.

Bottles labeled “Burn in Hell Fidel” were on display, and Vazquez said her and many Cuban-Americans have waited a long time for this moment. “Justice has been served,” she said. “Somebody so evil, so destructive, has died.”

Sara Rosado, a customer at Sentir Cubano, arrived to the United States of America with her parents in 1970. Rosado said she stood and celebrated throughout the night with those in Miami after Castro’s death.

Holding up a Cuban flag, Rosado explained what she will do with it. “This is going to be flown outside my house where I already have a U.S. flag.”

“We turn our tragedy around and laugh about it,” said Vazquez as she held one of her “Burn in Hell Fidel” bottles. “It’s so painful that it’s the best thing to do.”

After a decade, one of their best-sellers continues to be a roll of toilet paper with Castro’s face on it. The label reads, “Make your wish come true.”

The surprises extend all the way to the bathroom, as the store’s toilet has Castro’s face at the bottom of it.

“There’s a Cuban saying,” Vazquez explained. “‘Muerto el perro cabo la rabia.’ It means once the dog is dead, the rabies are gone. Now that’s he’s gone, I think that maybe something could happen.”

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