Legoland offers autism-friendly theme park experience for families

(WSVN) - WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WSVN) — Florida is known for its theme parks, which thrill both kids and kids at heart. But for children with autism, the hustle and bustle that comes with visiting the parks could lead to over-stimulation.

Legoland announced that they are offering four quiet rooms to families of children with autism, providing a tranquil space away from hectic surroundings.

David Brady is a spokesman for Legoland in central Florida, and told Fox 13 that his son has autism. When overwhelmed, autistic kids can have meltdowns.

“Sometimes they throw themselves on the ground,” he said.

The rooms have toys and sensory blankets, which are heavy and can help calm children.

By offering quiet rooms, Brady says the hope is that families can get some relief without having to leave the park.

“Instead of going all the way back to your hotel room or all the way back to your car to leave the park, you now have a safe, quiet place in the park where you can take a break,” Brady told Fox 13.

Guest services representative Autum Bassham says they provide “storyboards” to parents for the park, which explain the different attractions.

“It helps them understand that there might be water elements or strobe lights, things that might trigger an autism attack,” Bassham said.

Legoland also offers “hero” passes to affected families so they don’t have to wait in long lines for rides.

The special accommodations were completed just in time for National Autism Awareness Month in April. All month, Legoland will donate a portion of its ticket sales to Autism Speaks.

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