FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Law enforcement leaders are warning South Floridians that scammers may attempt to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.

A 7News viewer who lives in Tamarac sent a picture of a man who she said was up to no good, Friday.

“I received the knock on the door, and he asked if I heard anything about the corona[virus],” she said. “He had a clipboard, a mask on, and I said, ‘Yes.’ He’s like, ‘Do you mind opening your door, and I can explain this?’ I said, ‘No, can you get off my property?’ I just thought it was suspect that a guy that looked official asking about the corona[virus], and I almost fell for it, but I didn’t.”

City of Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina shared some warnings with South Floridians.

“Unfortunately, even in the worst of times, they’ll be a small percentage of people that are going to want to take advantage of your fears,” Colina said. “The health department is not going to be visiting you at home. No one is going to be coming to your door to check to see if you have the coronavirus, and so if someone knocks on your door making that claim, don’t answer the door, call the police.”

Another viewer sent an email that said his father received a call telling him the government will issue a check for $1,000, but before that, they needed his social security number.

“No personal information over the phone,” Colina warned. “The government is not going to call you and ask you for your account number because you’re stimulus money is ready.”

“We have seen that kind of opportunist approach from some criminals out there who are flooding different phishing emails, different websites, claiming to be able to provide a different cure or a vaccine,” Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony said. “One, there’s no such thing that’s been able that has been prevented from the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] or the Florida Department of Health.”

On eBay, a 30-day certified coronavirus protection kit was being sold for $199.99. While it is not legitimate, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning people not to fall for these scams.

“This behavior is unacceptable,” Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said. “It will not be tolerated. The attorney general’s office, as well as our federal partners, are working hand-in-hand to make sure we go after and pursue these bad actors.”

Should one have elderly parents, officials said it may be a good time to speak with them about these potential scams, so they do not fall prey.

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