Large snake captured in North Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Residents in a Miami Beach neighborhood got an unwelcome surprise, Wednesday, when they discovered a snake on Normandy Isle.

Officials were quickly called to wrangle the snake from a house on South Shore Drive, occupied by The Community advertising firm.

The reptile roundup was recorded on a cellphone camera.

“This is a Colombian Red-Tailed Boa,” said Gary Wilcox from AA Native Wildlife Removal. “These snakes are highly active.”

The snake measured over five feet in length.

“It was actually in the process of feeding on a large iguana,” said Wilcox. “He was attacked, he was crushed and he was eaten halfway.”

Wilcox captured the snake with the iguana still in its mouth.

The property where the snake was found sits on a canal, and iguanas are typically found near water.

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