Jury finds Miramar man guilty of killing missing wife

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A jury has found a Miramar man guilty of second-degree murder in the alleged death of his wife who disappeared more than five years ago.

Closing arguments were made, Thursday, in the case of Cid Torrez, who was convicted in the murder of 38-year-old Vilet Torrez, who went missing in March 2012.

The jury deliberated for part of the day Thursday and finished Friday morning, returning their verdict at around 1 p.m.

“We’re obviously very disappointed in the verdict,” said the defendant’s attorney, Richard Della Fera. “We felt that the state didn’t have sufficient evidence to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Torrez originally faced a charge of first-degree murder. However, jurors down-graded the count to second-degree murder.

“The jury obviously found that by their verdict, rejecting the first-degree murder charge, that he did not pre-meditate the killing,” Della Fera said.

Through the course of the trial, the courtroom saw testimony from family members, including the couple’s daughter, who said she heard screaming in the house, on the night Vilet went missing, and that she heard her father yelling “Wake up!” to the mother.

Prosecutors said this testimony, along with other details, was enough to charge Torrez with the murder.

When the verdict was read, the now convicted killer would not look at his daughter, who cried as the jury found her father guilty.

Prosecutors said Torrez dumped the body in the Everglades and returned the next day dirty and disheveled.

However, the victim’s body was never found.

Torrez’s family left court after the verdict was read and simply said there is nothing else to say.

Della Fera said he now plans to appeal the verdict. “He certainly has the right to appeal all of those issues, but for now, we have to prepare for the sentencing,” he said.

Vilet’s family said they want to wait until after the sentencing to comment on the matter.

Cid is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 1. He faces 30 years to life behind bars.

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