Judge sentences woman convicted of killing cop boyfriend to life in prison

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida woman who is convicted of shooting and killing her police officer boyfriend is learning how much time she will serve.

The jury found 48-year-old Tiniko Thompson guilty during the summer and the judge has since sentenced her to life in prison, Friday afternoon.

The victim’s mother, Lucille Patrick, rejoiced over the judge’s decision. “I want to give thanks to my Lord today,” she said. “For His goodness and His blessing.”

Thompson addressed the Patrick family in court. “I just wanted to express to the Patrick family that I’m very sorry for the loss of Carl,” she said. “I wished that that morning never happened, although Carl was the one that initially initiated the argument. I’m sorry, in my own self defense that Carl lost his life, Ms. Patrick. I truly loved Carl.”

Thompson shot her boyfriend, Miami Police Officer Carl Patrick, at his Pembroke Pines house, in May 2014. She claimed that she shot Patrick in self-defense during an argument. “I’m sorry, I defended myself,” she said.

According to prosecutors, however, Thompson shot her boyfriend in an attempt to end their relationship. “What an evil thing to do to my son,” said the victim’s mother. “He was to me a good son, and my Lord has given justice today because my son was good to that lady, and he loved her so much that he could not see the ugly in her.”

The victim’s mother read a letter to Thompson that said she forgives her. “I can’t believe you would do such a thing to my son,” she said.

City of Miami Police officers also supported Patrick. “Carl wouldn’t hurt anyone,” said Retired Miami Police Asst. Chief Craig McQueen. “And everyone knows he really loved that woman, but for him to die the way he did, she needed to pay the ultimate price.”

Thompson’s mother and daughter asked the judge for leniency, but in the end, she got the maximum penalty. Her defense team said that they will appeal her conviction.

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